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AutoPro Fleet Services

Our professional fleet services are helping companies and organisations across the UAE drive smarter. We offer a complete portfolio of services tailored to your company’s needs to ensure that your fleet runs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

For more information on our Fleet Services, visit, email or
call 04 313 3545.

Vehicle maintenance
Our Fleet Management System enables companies to track vehicles’ routine maintenance checks. This proactive approach to car servicing reduces the risk of breakdowns and saves on costly problems further down the line.
Detailed reporting
Our state-of-the-art fleet management system provides line-by-line reporting for every transaction made by Fleet Card holders. Highlighting where, when and what for each purchase, the system is designed to reduce admin time and eliminate manual intervention such as receipt tracking. Our Fleet Card reporting system can also pinpoint any specific issues with vehicles, such as reduced performance.
No cash handling
We operate a convenient cash-free system for all AutoPro Fleet Card holders. This eliminates the need to keep receipts or go through complicated manual tracking processes, and provides user-friendly, comprehensive transaction reports to fleet managers.
Fleet control
Our system enables you to closely monitor all company transactions, preventing unauthorized behaviour through customized restrictions.
Fleet Management System
Offering business owners and managers an effective fleet management tool, we provide detailed reporting and cost-control restrictions on automotive services, as well as preventative maintenance on vehicle fleets.