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We care about cars and the people who drive them

AutoPro – CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of the AutoPro strategy, and as a 100% Dubai government venture, we strive to take a leading role in projects and initiatives that give back to the wider community.
Road safety remains one of our key priorities, and our ongoing partnership with Dubai
Police has also resulted in a number of effective safety campaigns across the emirate.

These include:

Gulf Traffic Week
An annual event which aims to raise awareness about the prevention of road traffic accidents in the region.

Summer Without Accidents
A seasonal campaign which aims to reduce the number of accidents caused by tyre issues, and to encourage motorists to carry out basic safety checks on their vehicle.

Speed Kills
An annual campaign which highlights the dangers of driving above the UAE’s national speed limits, and raises awareness about speeding and reckless driving.

We have also partnered with Road Safety UAE ( to offer essential tips on safer driving techniques. This initiative aims to create a safer driving culture in the UAE, raise awareness of better driving practices and make a difference by reducing the number of accidents and fatalities on the UAE’s roads.


Other community-focused partnerships include:

Tyre Safety Initiative
AutoPro partnered with Bridgestone to offer free tyre checks to UAE motorists, raising awareness about the importance of well-maintained, high quality tyres, especially considering the region’s harsh climate and driving conditions.

Safety Belt Campaign
AutoPro joined Jumeira Baccalaureate School to champion its seatbelt awareness initiative, as well as raising funds for Enoc’s Human Fuel initiative, to support the efforts of the United Nations Food Programme and Dubai Charity Association.

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